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From the early 80s the pioneers of web design understood the importance of Icons. They represent the brand, they make or break a design. As you will see icons in every aspect of IT design, they tend to define the life of the creations of a web developer. That’s why Steve Jobs had more than 100 people working on the design of “Lisa”.

They also tell a story and convey emotions. Looking at the emoji designs we see how this small masterpieces of web design can change the way we communicate with each other. Since the first attempts of creating Icons things have changed dramatically.

Custom Icons

Nowadays you can design your own icons and add your own symbols to your personal story. Your desktop is part of you, your launcher is at your fingertips all the time. So why populate your screens with generic images that mean nothing to you. Indeed, you will be able to stand out from the crowd and draw inspiration from using custom design icons that you choose On the other hand, creating icons for IOS or Android is a tricky task.

Apple doesn’t like competition in creativity. There is a long list of guidelines that will make your creative side give up faster than a pizza delivery in Naples.

Iconomator is tailor made Web design

That’s why our Team of Graphic designers and web developers are here to bring to life your wildest ideas. We design icons to match your style, purpose and artistic vision. And we get everything ready to go. So you don’t have to wait for approval. Everything pre-approved.

We are well aware of the endless offers of free icons in the world wide web. But what is free is also generic and can be used by anyone, anytime. Unique, bespoke icons matching perfectly your requirements is what we offer to you.

Perfect Custom Design Icons

• All aspects covered •

Iconomator cover all the aspect of your brand or personal vision. As a consequence we cover the following aspects of your web design needs.

Website & Applications

If you are launching a new website or App, or want to give a new look to your existing website we have all the types of design that you need. Free consultation with a member of our team will set you on the right path. We promise visually engaging content that will improve your website look and increase sales. A well defined symbol for your app will also increase the appeal of your app.

Ios Icons

We will design high quality icons that meet the Apple standards. Everything will be double checked and your order will be delivered ready for use. We cover even System Icons, Navigation and Toolbar or Home Screen Quick Action.

Android Icons

When it comes to Android different app developers use different sizes. Samsung icons for apps are different from the ones for Google apps and so on. Once you decide on the style and the look of your screen we can provide you with Icon Packs that will impress you and whoever wants to snoop at your new fancy screen behind your shoulder.

Flat Icons

Since the flat web design was adopted from Microsoft from Windows 8 onwards, flat Icons have become a must. Crisp, functional stylish, they are here to stay. Just give us your ideas and we will flatten them out into lean little money machines.

Icon packs

If you are looking for a theme that will include more than one image you can count on us. We can work with complex concepts and create as many images as you need to fill your website or app. You can choose from popular themes, or give us a topic to brainstorm and create something completely unique. We love a challenge.

Icon Categories

We cover everything from UI/ UX themes, to nature, business, even space exploration. Feel free to browse our categories and avail on special discounts.

Ideas for launchers on your smartphone

As the screens of your smartphones are becoming chaotic, a launcher is always a good step forward to an organised set up for your daily tasks. You can add style and functionality to your launcher with Iconomator products.

You can also choose from the 1000+ icons in our Icon Store

Custom Design with care

The Iconomator Team employs a a design thinking process to creating and delivering high quality icons. You will be dealing with a human, an actual custom icon designer that will understand exactly what you want and deliver it on time.

What we need from you to get the job done

  1. A clear description of how many many icons and what purpose they will serve.
  2. What size, colour and formats for the design
  3. The icons’ states (normal, active, disabled)
  4. Style, colouring, and any special requests
  5. Any requests about the objects that should be incorporated into the icon.
  6. Any examples that will make us understand better your needs ( links etc)

We will brainstorm, formulate the ideas and you will be amazed by the final reasuls

Your icons in your inbox with 4 easy steps

Step 1

Free Consultation with a member of our team to decide on the best concept and design of your icons.

Step 2

Our graphic designers create a blueprint and deliver it to you for your approval. We start with hand drawn models and then add the details as required.

Step 3

We receive payment and you get the final product ready for use. We make sure that the icons are compliant with all the guidelines from IOS or Android.

Step 4

We make the necessary adjustments such as modifying glyphs or recoloring within 24h from the purchase.

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