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Our website at Iconomator.com has been designed to be a helpful and easy to use website which is packed to the brim with fantastic information. We require that anybody who uses our website will be bound to the Terms and Conditions which are set out on this page. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions then please do not use this website.


Please note that from time to time these terms and conditions may change and we will make changes whenever we fell that they are necessary. Please ensure that you regularly look at these Terms and Conditions to stay up to date with them. When you use Iconomator.com you will have deemed that you have accepted these terms.


Restrictions on the use of information

 All of the information found on our website is copyrighted by us. It remains the property of Iconomator.com. This includes content including, but not limited to any trademarks, trade names, images, illustrations and software offered by us.

As a visitor to our website you will only be able to download online information subject to the following conditions:


  • The information that you download is only going to be for personal usage and not for commercial usage.
  • Any of our copyrights or trademarks will remain with the content.
  • You will not be allowed to change the content offered in any way.
  • You cannot use the content which implies that you have an association with our company or brand.
  • You will not use any of our materials, or download to a device for use commercially.
  • You cannot copy, reproduce or publish any of the content which can be found on this website without the express consent in writing from Iconomator.com.
  • You cannot change any of the information that can be found on thecom website.
  • Anything that you download from our website, whether from us or from our partners is for non-commercial use only. You do not have any title to this material, only we do. As a result, you will not be able to do anything with it that will result in profit for you.


Submitting Material

 Any material, other than the information protected by our Privacy Policy, which you choose to give to Iconomator.com is our property, and therefore not yours. You cannot bring a lawsuit against our website or the site owners for using your submission. This remains in force, even if your agreement with us is terminated.

We have the exclusive ownership of your submissions and can use them in any way that we wish without providing you payment or compensation. You are responsible for the quality, legality and reliability of the content you post here. It also must not be copyrighted.

Liability Limitations

We are not liable for any damages caused by using or as a result of using this website or any of its content. This includes, but is not limited to the following reasons:


  • Any errors in the site, omissions or defects in the content.
  • Any failures on the web server, including the site going down or a lack of performance.
  • Being unable to usecom
  • Being unable to use any of the websites that we link to.
  • Any interruption in the site being available
  • Any line failures.
  • Any computer viruses or malware from the website.


We are also not liable for the following damages:

Damages which is meant to be used for the direct compensation of any loss or injury.

Consequential Damages.

Incidental damages.

We claim absolutely no liability, even if negligence has been proven by us or a representative with relevant authority. The only exception to this is where the laws of certain states do not allow for exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages. If you reside in one of these states then you do have an ability to claim damages.

Any liability on our part will not be more than the amount of money that you pay to access our website.

External Links

 From time to time you may find links leading to other websites at various places around our site. This should not be taken to mean that we have approved the site or any of the information found upon it. We are not responsible for anything linked to via Iconomator.com.

Iconomator.com  is not related to any of the websites which we linked to, and you should not assume that a connection has been made. When visiting one of these websites it is important that you check the URL bar to ensure that you are visiting a third party website. We have no control over these sites.

Any approved links do not mean that an endorsement is in place or that they have a support or sponsorship agreement with Iconomator.com or any of our employees.


 Any party is able to terminate this agreement whenever they wish should the terms and conditions of this agreement be breached. Iconomator.com reserves it right to withdraw your membership without giving any notice. You may also end your relationship with us if you choose.

It doesn’t matter who ends the relationship, when your account is terminated all information and software obtained from Iconomator.com will need to be destroyed.



These terms and conditions may be changed any time by Iconomator.com. Please ensure you check for updates.


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