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Custom Icons have endless purposes. Images speak louder than words. As a matter of fact simple and to-the-point images guide your clients towards that magical click button. We specialise in creating perfect Flat Icons for all your web design needs.

Custom Icons offer solutions to all types of issues

The use of Icons offers a seamless experience for the new start ups, the small businesses and freelancers, or even established brands. The communication is direct, the navigation becomes easier and the imagery helps convey the message that the user wants to pass on.

Free Icons not really free or… icons

But why not use the generic icon sets available on the many platforms? Icons serve the purpose of creating a direct link between the audience and the company. They also make the daily IT routines of an individual easier and more fun. If you use the pret-a-porter sets, you compromise the unique experience that a custom designed icon pack can offer. It also comes with a few drawbacks with regards to purpose and functionality.

Take for example a startup that is launching a website paired with an app. If they decide to populate their image database with existing icon packs they will have to spend a lot of time searching for the correct icons. At the same time they should make sure that the images that they use are not already in use from other companies or individuals. Naturally, they might even face that issue in the future, as there is no guarantee that another company will not use the same icon set in a year’s or a month’s time.

The most important issue with any free icons is that you, the user will have to send them to Apple or Android so that they are verified and validated for use. With Custom Icons, you don’t have to worry about that. The Iconomator Team will validate the Icons and they will be ready for use.

All our Icons are compliant with the Apple or Android Guidelines

We offer to our customer continuous support and advice if they need any assistance with further integration to other platforms.


App icons for Android, iOS and Windows OS for smartphones and tablets

Such icons can be applicable on new Apps. The easiest way to draw attention to your new app is to have a visually superior set of icons to grab the attention of the public. We can provide the Custom Icons that fit your services and advise you on how to improve the UI/UX experience of your subscribers. Positioning your Icons in key parts of your App can make a difference on how the App is received.

UI icons for desktop software and apps

Here we turn our attention to UI and we create flat icons that make your desktop easy to organise. When you take control of your desktop, you realise that every icon means something to you. Especially if you are a company and you need every desktop presentation in your office to have the same lean design. Custom made software might be functional but does it deliver a message to the users? With our Custom Icons it definitely will.

Web icons & illustrations for websites

Your new website deserves a visual makeover to impress the audience. You will get more visitors by using Custom Icons designed specifically for your field of goods or services. Why not replace those wordy banners with Icons that mean much more. I visually coherent website is easy to navigate and the imagery will guide the visitor to the key points of your website.

Vector Icons for personal use

Whether it is a cracking PowerPoint presentation, or a message via a Team Building platform, having custom icons in your arsenal of communication will give you the upper hand in communication. Here you can choose from our 1000+ ready made icons or order a special product that fit your purpose.

Things to remember when ordering Custom Icons


You need to get the concept right. Make sure you have a good understanding of what you want to represent. A picture is 1000 words. So you probably need to brainstorm through 1000 words before you get the picture right. Or you can consult us and we will put us in the right direction. Chances are that our designers have dealt with a similar subject matter before, so we know what we are doing.


Appearance is important. Actually that’s why you hire graphic designers. So leave this part to us. If you are a designer don’t try to interfere during the process. Let us come up with a solution first. Make sure that you have a rough idea of the colours and the appearance of the icon pack that you are looking for. We can fine tune the results but if you look for an Icon for Mac and then ask us for an Icon for Android we will have to work from scratch.


Just because our Custom Icons look fantastic it doesn’t mean that they offer a one for all solution. The whole point of getting something custom made is to be unique. So make sure that you have a clear idea of the flow and structure of the website or App before moving on to the order. We love challenges but you know your website better than us. Also think of SEO and word to images balance.


Make sure that you have the right specifications for what you are looking.  There is no point in asking for icons that eventually will not match your system needs. Make sure that you have the right format, size and other system requirements. Or we can help them with choosing the right specs every time.

Most importantly make sure to maintain an open communication with the Iconomator team. It really helps. Trust us 😉

You can also choose from the 1000+ icons in our Icon Store

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